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Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Oct 2021 £106 £100 £99 £143 £100 £638
Nov 2021 £100 £100 £99 £121 £100 £763
Dec 2021 £99 £100 £100 £106 £100 £769
Jan 2022 £99 £100 £100 £113 £100 £771
Feb 2022 £99 £100 £100 - £100 £763
Mar 2022 £100 £100 £100 - £100 £768
Apr 2022 £103 £100 £94 £181 £97 £109
May 2022 £109 £103 £100 £148 £100 £100
Jun 2022 £133 £111 £100 £174 £100 £105
Jul 2022 £178 £167 £153 - £164 -
Aug 2022 £191 £218 £163 - £165 -
Sep 2022 £139 £151 £100 - £100 -
Oct 2022 £103 £105 £100 - £100 -
Nov 2022 - - - - - -
Dec 2022 - - - - - -
Jan 2023 - - - - - -

Bodrum Summary

Bodrum Holidays

Turkey is a very popular destination for sun-seekers, and the Bodrum area receives the most visitors. The peninsula has so much to offer with lively resorts, good beaches and a whole raft of tourist attractions. Bodrum holidays take you to a delightful port, soft sandy shores lapped by the clear, warm waters of the Aegean Sea, charming villages and superb resorts. The historic town of Bodrum, like much of Turkey has many ancient ruins dating from Roman times as well as medieval buildings. These include an amphitheatre and the fortified castle built by the Knights of St. John, both of which are worth a visit. The wonderful ruins at Ephesus are only a day trip away from Bodrum. These archaeological remains, second only to Pompeii, are a great tourist attraction.

What to do in Bodrum?

Bodrum town is a mecca for shoppers with its  souvenir and craft shops, bazaars and markets. Remember you are expected to haggle over the price of goods as this is a national pastime. Popular purchases include jewellery, leather goods, carpets and ceramics. Traditional cuisine is  delicious but if you have a conservative palate, there are plenty of restaurants serving international cuisine and cafes serving western style snacks. A good way of tasting Turkish food is to order meze, rather like Spanish tapas, and you can then try out a few traditional dishes. You won't be disappointed.

Cheap Bodrum holidays can be as relaxed, as active , or as family oriented as you wish, as there are resorts catering for all. Gumbet, close to Bodrum, is the most lively with a party atmosphere that continues until the early hours of the morning. If you have a young family bearing buckets and spades, be sure to choose a sandy beach in resorts such as Bitez or Turqutreis. If you are seeking seclusion there are many small rocky coves which are also ideal for divers and snorkelers. All of Bodrum's beaches offer a good variety of water sports.



Cheap Bodrum Holidays.

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