Holiday Desire Booking Terms & Conditions

Holiday Desire Booking Terms & Conditions
Please read the following Terms and Conditions Carefully before making a booking with Holiday Desire

Agreement between You and Holiday Desire

User Agreement between User (User, You) and Moresand Group Limited T/A Holiday Desire (We, US, Our and Please read the following conditions and terms prior to use the website or making any business with us.
You, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of this website while using this website without qualifications. If you, the user disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, you may not use the website in any means.
All of your correspondence related with customer support or to make any booking should be sent to Holiday Desire, 38 Riding House, London W1W 7ES or email to [email protected].

Contents of these Terms and Conditions:

  • Your contract
  • Our Price Policy
  • Travel Suppliers
  • Travel Supplier Conditions
  • Flights
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Car Hire
  • Delivery of Your Booking
  • Cancellations/Modifications
  • Terms and Conditions Relating Exclusively to Flight/Hotel Packages
  • Payment
  • Taxes fluctuate in line with exchange rates
  • Passport, Visa and Health Requirements
  • Travel to the United States
  • Applicable Terms

  • Queries & Complaints Relating to Your Booking
  • Advance Passenger Information System (APIS)
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Use of Our Website
  • Information on the Website
  • Use of Obligation
  • Links to third party websites
  • Liability
  • Currency Converter
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Privacy Policy
  • Security Policy
  • ATOL
  • Terms of Conditions
  • General Law

About The Contract

The term ‘booking’ signifies a particular service or product undertaken on our site which is accepted by us. The acceptance will be regulated by Holiday Desire when the payment is done with a confirmation mail either from Holiday Desire or the specific Travel Supplier. All travel services and products mentioned on this site are subject to its availability.

Holiday Desireoffers several products and only on your booking a Flight, Hotel Package, DIY Holiday Package or any other travel product, the terms and conditions may differ.

- Your detail of booking a flight/hotel package is entered when you book the same product through Holiday Desire and the place where you are quoted one price. Upon booking a flight/hotel package, your contract lies with Holiday Desire (Our ATOL number is ATOL 3517). To know the terms and conditions pertaining to flight/hotel package specifically, see below.

- Your ‘DIY Package’ is booked when you combine two or more separate travel products on the site yourself (for e.g. a) accommodation b) transport c) other travel extras that form a vital part in your booking) and the place/site you book these at for the same price, at the same time. When you book a DIY Holiday Package, Holiday Desireplays the part of a mediator agent for airlines, insurance, hotels, car hire companies, holiday package suppliers and many others. When you book your preferred travel product through the site, the contract remains between the travel supplier and you. Just Travel does not involve being in the contractual relationship.

- The term ‘other products’ are completely separate products such as purchasing flights and hotels, but paid at different times, and the holiday package supplied by a different supplier. When you book any product, Holiday Desire acts as an agent for the third party supplier such as airlines, hotels, insurance and car hire companies. When you book a product through the site and your product is available, the contract is dealt between the travel supplier and you. Holiday Desiredoes not involve being in the contractual relationship.

Holiday Desirestrongly proposes that you take your insurance out for any holiday taken, as there might be a situation where neither BooknSave, nor any travel supplier can undergo the acceptance of liability such as cancellations beyond our control or delays.

Our Price Policy

Prices listed throughout the website are quoted on the basis of the date of booking. Holiday Desire reserves the rights to change these prices any time prior to the confirmation of the booking. Although, once you initiate the booking on the fares/price by paying the complete amount, the price quoted for that particular deal is guaranteed.

Please note that Holiday Desire does not take the responsibility of verbal quotations of price/fares or explanation. We reserve the right to deny any booking at our solitary judgement. At the time of booking, user (you) confirm of having the authority to accept and do accept these terms and conditions. In the case of booking for multiple travellers i.e. party, you (user) have to accept these terms and conditions on the behalf of self and other members of the party. Also, user is responsible for making complete payment for each and every person in the party travelling and is a part of the booking.

The cost of the holiday booking you are making with Holiday Desire is also determined by the exchange rate on the time of booking. Changes in these packages are primarily done in the section of transportation cost, scheduled airfares and other charges imposed by the airline that comes under the contract between the respective airline and Holiday Desire. Increase in any VAT or any legit tax imposed by the government, currency change will also be considered in the same criteria and will affect on the price.

Travel Suppliers

Apart from Flight tickets booking, holiday packages and hotel reservation, Just Travel UK plays the role of a revealed agent for third party suppliers. In the context of these terms and conditions of hotels, hotel chains, insurance, airlines and car suppliers shall be included in the term ‘Travel Supplier’. In the bookings of these products and services, the query must be address to the travel supplier as they are properly mentioned on the bottom of every service/product. You can contact directly to the travel supplier on the contact details mentioned in each itinerary product sent to you on the confirmation e-mail from us or the travel supplier. Holiday DesireUK does not take any liability of the products and services provided by the travel supplier and make no representation and warranties (express or implied) about the appropriateness or quality of products and services published on the website.

Travel Supplier Conditions

These following Terms and conditions of Suppliers will also be applied to all the services and products booked via

The terms and conditions of travel suppliers i.e. airlines and conditions of carriage are the extension of terms and conditions mentioned below. The terms and conditions settled by the travel supplier may include stipulation regarding payment procedure, liability, cancellation policies, refund, change in booking, default and other restrictions.

Whilst you are moving through the website, you will simultaneously see the terms and conditions applied by the specific travel supplier in the links mentioned at their space. Holiday Desire advises you to read those terms and conditions carefully prior to make the booking. Although, user must refer to the respective travel supplier to know the detailed terms and conditions applied by the travel supplier.

It is the responsibility of the traveller/user to check and compile with the respective airline or other travel suppliers for the check-in timings, re-confirmation of flights and other flexible matters.


In the context of Flight Ticket booking, users please note that there are specific and additional terms and conditions specified to the airfare. Just for an example, economy tier flight tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable in most of the cases. Also, Flight tickets must be used in the order they are designed while booking; i.e. in context of connecting flights, passenger must board the first flight or first part of journey and failure to do so can invalidate the rest of the ticket.

Please note that airlines generally recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to departure for security checking clearance and check-in for flight in the case of international flights and 90 minute prior on domestic flights. Some airlines may ask you to re-confirm your return flight booking 72 hours prior to departure. Failure in re-confirmation of your flight from the airline may lead to cancellation of booking. Also, most of the airlines keep the right to make changes in schedule and cancellation of confirmed bookings. While Holiday Desire, as Agent, does not take liabilities for such schedule changes or cancellations. Though we will try to provide you any possible support required through our customer service agents. Holiday Desire insists that you must check-in a little earlier than scheduled if you have requested for a particular seat allocation. Holiday Desire does not reserve any right in context to the allocation of seats.

Terms Used in Flight Bookings:
Direct Flights: Those flights that keep the same flight number till the end of the journey and make a stopover for refuelling, change of equipment and does not make any other changes.

Non-Stop Flights: Flights that does not stop for any change, refuelling or any other reason are known as Non-Stop Flights. In these flights, passengers do not have to wait, change the plane/terminal or evacuate the plane for any reasons. These flights keep their same flight number till the final destination of the journey.

Hotels and Accommodations

Holiday Desire gathers the information regarding the star rating and services from various sources and produces them on the website as a guide only. Hence, it is not mandatory that the parameters of these hotel or accommodation properties may match to the local rating parameters. Hotel classes and star ratings vary geographically as well and are defined differently in different states, countries and continents. Thus it is not essential that a 3 star hotel at one place have the facilities like a 3 star hotel in different country.

Most of the hotel properties and accommodations especially in metropolitans and epicentres are the centres for conventions and conferences. As well as many of the cities becomes the centre of attractions for students, activity clubs and business associations in a certain span of the year. Holiday Desire does not have the influence to provide these accommodations for exclusively personal use. Hence, these hotel properties can be the accommodation for travellers from other regions of the world that belongs from different cultures, customs and variety of age group. Please note that check-in/out time are not prefixed and common for every hotel, resort or accommodation and we insist to tally the check-in/out time either at our website or with your hotel property directly. To know more about the hotel accommodation you are interested for upcoming travelling, please contact to our Customer service department.

About the Images – Holiday Desire endeavours to be affirmative about the visual representation of the hotel/accommodation property presented on the website are in up to date and accurate condition. However, we do not guarantee about the same case to be followed everytime as the images presented on the website are collected from the travel supplier or the respective hotel property. We insist to the user to check the hotel website for the same to get accurate information.

About the Services, Facilities and Description - The information available on Just Travel UK website are gathered from the hotel properties itself and we don't take any liability of the accuracy of these details i.e. features, services, amenities and facilities presented by the hotel/accommodation properties. However, Holiday DesireUK put its best to provide its customers with most accurate information possible.

About Additional bed and Cots - In many cases, hotel/accommodation properties charges extra for additional beds or cots. We insist to check to the hotel or call to our customer care agent to know more about it..

Breakfast is excluded in all the hotels/accommodation properties if not stated in the brief of services provided by the hotel at our website. Please call to our customer care agent to confirm about the detailed information.

Car Rental

It is mandatory that customer who are availing our Car Hire services for pick-up in any nation out of boundaries of European Union (EU) must be a resident of EU and carrying a full and valid GB or EC/EEA licence at the time of pick-up. Just Travel UK does not take the responsibility of failure of your car rental invalidated due to failure of presenting the required documents. Please check about the mandatory documents by either calling to our Customer Care representative or to the travel supplier.


You will get the option in the TA part of the booking process of flights and hotels where user can mention the membership of any of the special club, frequent flyer programme or loyalty programme. We would like to inform you that these loyalty programs or other memberships are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective airline, hotel or accommodation provider. Please contact to the airline or the hotel of respective membership program if there is any doubts about the terms and conditions. Please note that Holiday Desire is not liable of providing any specific privilege provided by the travel supplier i.e. hotel or airline. We insist to check once with the travel supplier for detailed rules and regulation related with the respective membership programme.

Also, Holiday Desire does not take any guarantee of the special requests requested by the user i.e. meal, facilities for differently able customers, children seat etc; although we try the best to pass-on special requests to the respective travel supplier. We would like to inform you that it is the user's duty to check with the travel supplier used for travelling for the special request and confirm if these requested can be fulfilled or not.

Delivery of Your Booking

Here are the terms and conditions that imposed to all kinds of products and services user books from Holiday Desire website:


Passenger gets the option of getting their tickets either of e-ticket or paper tickets. We would like to inform you that the airline/travel supplier have their own rules and conditions in context of e-tickets and Holiday Desire is not responsible for the non-compliance with respective rules and regulations and we strongly suggest to the user to confirm about the rules and regulations of e-ticketing through the respective airlines prior to departure.

Ticket Delivery

The delivery of your bookings is based on the information provided by the passenger and is seamless if this provided information is accurate. Holiday Desire is not responsible if passenger fails to provide the same with accurate information and your paper ticket get lost due to incorrect address e-ticket delivery failure due to wrong e-mail id/junk mail settings. We insist you to contact to our customer care unit if user changes its postal/e-mail address or contact number prior to travel. Please note that Holiday Desire does not provide paper tickets outside the UK. We request the user to advise us immediately after booking if the delivery address have any special requirements i.e. security gates, flat number with partition etc.

Also, we strongly recommend of checking the name of passenger with the name mentioned on the passport at the time of booking confirmation.

It is the responsibility of the user to advise Holiday Desire if passenger hasn’t received their tickets. Also, it is the responsibility of the user to inform the travel agent they have booked with about the hold of any other booking from Just Travel UK or any other travel agent. Please inform about the same prior to the booking which will help us to decide if express delivery is required or not.

Many Airlines impose some extra charges work with a specific practice to re-issue the tickets that have been lost or delayed and the charges vary from airline to airline you are travelling with.

Holiday Desireuses Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery of Tickets that delivers flight tickets within 7 working days after you receive your booking conformation e-mail. If the passenger does not receive the same within 7 working days, they must contact to Holiday Desire within 48 hours after the time frame required for delivery process. Please note that if the passenger contacts us within the mentioned time frame, then Holiday Desire will cover the cost of re-issuing of your ticket. These rules and regulation does not apply on the bookings that have less than 7 days in departure. Please contact to our customer care agent if the departure time is within 7 working days from your booking date.

Please note that Holiday Desire does not take the liability of covering re-issue fee of ticket in case of failure in informing us of delayed delivery of ticket within 48 hours of mentioned time and passenger will have to pay for the re-issue fee imposed by the airline and other cost for the same procedure.

Holiday Desireoffers the track of your ticket delivery on the website of the courier service used to deliver by using the reference number provided in the booking confirmation mail or the mails followed by the same. In some cases Holiday Desire may not be able to issue confirmed booking flight tickets because of the restrictions of airline that are outside of our control. In case of this situation, Holiday Desire will make an attempt to contact the user within 48 hours of booking and present to you the options of refund or arrangement of an alternative flight that may have different fares which may be the responsibility of the user to settle. Make sure you have the booking reference or confirmation e-mail that can be considered as a proof of your booking whilst we contact you.

Cancellations or Modifications by you to Your Booking

The following applies to all products or services booked via our Site:

The ability and method of cancellation or modification of a booked product/services by the traveller from our website is subject to variation based on the travel supplier/airline. In some cases, it will not be possible to cancel/modify some of the products/services as they are affected by the terms and conditions of the respective travel supplier. In some cases, the procedure of cancellation/modification of the booking may require some different procedure or parameters to meet from the traveller.

In case of flight booking, car rental and travel insurance, it is possible in most of the cases to cancel or modify the booking by calling us on (Number) or by sending an e-mail with the subject described to (E-mail ID). In relation to the modification and cancellation of car rental, the following terms and conditions will be applicable: Change or cancellation of car hire within 7 days of booking will impose a charge of £15 per rental whereas if the cancellation or modification requested after 7 days of booking, the customer will have to pay £40 per rental.

In many cases, Holiday Desire will not be able to get the product/service cancelled or modified from the travel supplier and may require a written request for the same along with the extra charges imposed by the travel supplier to make amendments or changes. We would like to inform the user that in context to the flight a 'no-show' by the passenger will give the airline authority to cancel the flight on non-refundable basis.

Apart from that, if the user require to change a flight booking immediate prior to the departure time, Holiday Desire recommend an immediate call back to our customer care department along with a written e-mail confirmation to that change prior to election of not to travel on the flight selected at first place. In case of car hire, if the traveller fail to cancel the reservation booking prior to the pick-up or do not get the car picked up on the due date or fail to present the necessary documentation at the time of pick-up stated by the travel supplier (see the travel supplier terms and condition), Holiday Desire holds the rights of make a 'no-show' charge with 100% of total car rental booking value.