Sky Blue Holidays Booking Terms & Conditions

Sky Blue Holidays Booking Terms & Conditions

Fulfilment and Legitimacy of Holidays and Interalia

SkyBlueHolidays, trading under the Company Name -Niche Travel Group Limited, offers holiday packages that have financial protection under the ATOL scheme. The registered ATOL Number of Niche Travel Group Limited is 11975. Information regarding the Financial Protection with respect to Holiday Packages and ATOL Certificate is available on:

The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as delineated on website: are under the strict regulations of the parent company -Niche Travel Group Limited. The company is registered in England & Wales with Registration Number- 13088597 having the registered office at: 2nd Floor, 7 Mackenzie Street, Slough – SL1 1XQ.

Note: The details of Terms and Conditions are provided on: These Terms and Conditions offer obligatory rights engendered between both the parties, while booking holiday packages. It is suggested that the Terms and Conditions should be read and understood prudently for executing fair booking of Holiday Packages with, and to ensure a completely unforgettable journeys across blissful landscapes.

  • The Terms and Conditions designates “You”/”The Customer” as either the Person/Persons who are booking “The Holiday Packages”, or on whose behalf the bookings for “The Holiday Packages” are made thereof.
  • The Terms and Conditions designates “We”/”Us”/”Company” as SkyBlueHolidays.


Nature of Contract

The Traveller(s)/Client(s) in whose name the Holiday Booking is registered, or who have booked the Holiday Packages individually, shall assent to the fulfilment of Terms & Conditions. In accordance to the contractual policy of SkyBlueHolidays outlined within the scope of our Terms & Conditions, Traveller(s)/Client(s) give their consent and/or approval to divulge the personal information viz-a-viz - Passport Details, Health and Dietary desires, besides the Physical Disabilities as applied to the booking of Holiday Packages.

SkyBlueHolidays is not a direct supplier of services, but designated as agent of the Hotel/Bed bank suppliers at time when Traveller(s)/Client(s) opt for purchasing Hotel Booking for Holiday Packages. Furthermore, the contract entered by Traveller(s)/Client(s) shall hold the desired validity with the respective hotel supplier. The Terms and Conditions of every supplier is defined around the product offered by him. SkyBlueHolidays will not undertake any liability on the products offered by the suppliers.

In the event where the booking for Holiday Package is made over the mobile phone/phone, the Terms of Contract shall not be validated, unless SkyBlueHolidays has initiated a formal booking, after the funds have received. The confirmation for funds received, shall be forwarded to Traveller(s)/Client(s) in form of an invoice.

Booking Multi Contract Holiday Packages with is the “Package Organiser” for Multi Contract Package, and for this purpose, the Traveller/Client shall entail the benefits and obligatory rights within the ‘Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018’ (PTR 2018) as detailed underneath in the link:

What is the Multi Contract Holiday Package?

Multi Contract Holiday Package is basically a combi of two or more travel services like: (a) Hotel Accommodation, (b) Transport, (c) Motorcycle/Vehicle Rentals besides (d) other travel services. It is very important that the Travel Services are bought on , or individually by the Traveller/Client, before making the payments. The travel services may also be traded as an integral part of Inclusive Pricing. When the Traveller/Client opts for Multi Contract Holiday Package S/he shall enter in contract with the respective Suppliers/ Principals accountable for booking, although SkyBlueHolidays holds undue responsibility for the cumulative bookings as “Package Organiser”.

If the booking for the Holiday Package has no inclusion of any combinations from (a) through (c) but has travel service included in (d), then it is not distinguished as Multi Contract Package.

In the scenario where:

A – The Travel Service booked is not crossing 25% of the monetary value of cumulative booking, and it does not signify vital part of booking;

B - The Travel Service is bought soon after the commencement of transport, accommodation and/or vehicle/motorcycle rental;

Such types of booking are categorised as “Single Components” and no obligatory rights shall be pronounced within the PTR Regulations, 2018.

SkyBlueHolidays shall manifest itself as Sole Agent for executing the bookings from respective Suppliers/Principals, and in this case, we will fulfil the obligatory protocols as “Package Organiser” as provided in PTR Regulations, 2018.

A. All Auxiliary or Supplementary services shall be regarded as Single Component;

B. Services such as Travel Insurance, Airport Parking, Airport Lounge etc. shall not be regarded as “Travel Services”. All these services shall remain outside the PTR Regulations 2018.


  • The Traveller/Client who is either Browsing/Using shall agree to the Terms and Conditions of this website, and if the Traveller/Client has any dissent with regard to the Terms and Conditions of the website, then s/he is advised to step ahead and make bookings of Holiday Packages;
  • SkyBlueHolidays has an obligatory right for altering and/or amending the Terms of Agreement without notifying to the Traveller(s)/Client(s);
  • And in this case, it is mandated that the usage of services as offered by SkyBlueHolidays after the alterations and amendments shall be acceptable to the Traveller(s)/Client(s) in totality.
  • SkyBlueHolidays strongly suggest to the website user to refrain from uploading any malicious information containing Trojan horses, or Time Bombs, or Worms, or any potential programmable viruses, which may likely obliterate or jeopardise intellectual property rights.


Website and Its Usage and its usage is strictly obligated under the protocols as defined in Terms and Conditions. Here are the key points worth noticing for smooth usage of the website and its services:

  • Traveller(s)/Client(s) who have plans to book Holiday Package with us, can ONLY BOOK IT, if s/he has a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Traveller(s)/Client(s) should adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the website while booking the Holiday Package;
  • Traveller(s)/Client(s) should provide only valid, updated, complete and reliable information while booking the Holiday Package;
  • Traveller(s)/Client(s) are advised to refrain from sharing personal and/or confidential Data/Information to any 3rd Party Resource, as this may jeopardise the user experience;
  • Traveller(s)/Client(s) shall not have the right to use any part of the service or any application program unless granted permission explicitly by the site management.

Note: We have the legal obligations and rights for denying accessibility to any Traveller/Client without notifying to them about this deniability.

Policy Applicable for Data Protection follows a very stringent policy for protection and use of personal data. The protection of data ensures smooth user behaviour. The information provided by Traveller(s)/Client(s) shall only be shared with travel service providers and organisations, which are essential for booking respective holiday package. All information passed to us by Traveller(s)/Client(s) will not be shared to any 3rd Person who has no direct or indirect link with the travel arrangements. is functioning and registered within the norms put forth in Data Protection Legislation. In case where the Traveller(s)/Client(s) have planned for holidaying in regions that lie exterior to European Economic Area (EEA), the protocols envisaged for data protection in the specific region may not be pertinent and robust in comparison of the UK.

How Bookings for the Holiday Packages are executed on

  • The booking for holiday packages are executed online following the procedures made known to you by the customer service agent. We suggest and also recommend to book your Holiday Package as quickly as possible as the bookings are subject to the availability of the Package.
  • has an obligatory right to alter the time schedules of Holiday Package with reasons.
  • In order to validate your booking, the traveller should make a complete and full payment. In absence of receiving complete and full payment has the accountability to cancel the booking for which a cancellation fee is charged from the respective traveller.
  • Once you have booked your desired Holiday Package with us and there are any issues that you are grappling with, then you should contact our Customer Support before pursuance of legalities.

Note: avows that information and other charges exhibited on the website are correct, however, there may also be occurrence of alterations or errors and in such an event, we shall edit the prices and other specifics.

Requests for distinctive options while booking for Holiday Package are legit, and we shall make sincere efforts on our end to make the necessary arrangements against your requests, but there is no guarantee for fulfilment of distinctive options.

Deposits for Booking Holiday Package

It is necessary to execute necessary deposits before any confirmation of the booking of your Holiday Package is made by SkyBlueHolidays. Make sure that you use only legit methods for making the payments. If you want to make online bookings, the details of your debit card and/or credit card should be exhibited, and these details are shared with the suppliers with whom we have the association.

It is mandatory that you assent to our policies of making the payments. We also apprise you to pay additional charges for the services of the suppliers, and these charges are added to price quoted for holiday bookings by SkyBlueHolidays.

Fail to make the payments for the Holiday Booking within the stipulated timeframe shall lead to summarily cancellations of Holiday Bookings.

Alterations and Subsequent Cancellations for Holiday Booking

After the confirmation of your holiday booking, possibility of changes are always there. It is the right of Traveller/Client to alter and annul the travel service or any product thereof, but such modifications and/or alterations shall be governed by type of travel product or travel service, alongside Terms and Conditions of the 3rd Party.

  • If you want to make the necessary alterations in the travel service booked with us, you should inform of the alterations in writing;
  • Administration fee is levied for possible alterations in the booking. There will be Applied Rate Changes and Supernumerary Pricing Incurred besides all other charges gained or otherwise obligatory by suppliers;
  • If you want to make possible changes in your name, then such changes are not allowable by several airlines as well as the suppliers. Such a change is considered as cancellation and in this event, there will be applicability of standard conditions and charges;
  • In case your reason to go for the cancellation of Holiday Booking is listed in the Insurance Policy, then you can recover the possible charges.


Cancellations of Holiday Package and Refunds

Circumstances possibly not known, if the travel arrangements and Holiday Booking are cancelled and request for refunds are drawn, the discretion is made on the refunds, and such refunds are based on Number of Travellers, Suppliers’ policy for Cancellation and Refund, Coach Operators, Hoteliers, etc.

  • The complete process of cancellations of Holiday Booking shall be completed within 15 to 45 Days;
  • No refund is payable for the travel services that are not utilised.

Note: Traveller(s)/Client(s) can also choose to keep the amount of the refunds in their account and get a credit certificate, which is utilisable in 24 Months.

Force Majeure

  • We shall not be liable for the cancellation of booking of the Holiday Package in case there are unexpected and unescapable calamities or disasters occurring in nature like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes that may otherwise disturb the expected course of Holidays, or very likely may restrict the Travellers/Clients to assent to the obligations as delineated in Terms and Conditions;
  • We shall not be liable for the cancellation of booking of the Holiday Package for the human actions like conflict for the arms, nuclear war and/or spread of the contagious diseases.


Legitimacy of Holiday Bookings made from

Upon the acceptance of our price quote (either in writing or verbally), following deeds shall become applicable on behalf of the Traveller/Client:

A. Traveller/Client shall make full deposits while booking and receive the confirmation with regard to Holiday Booking from us;

B. It is entirely the discretion of to return the fund deposits or maybe do not confirm the deposits made thereof;

C. It is necessary that the Traveller/Client provides correct details as well as the dates and timings of the holidays, and these details should tally with documented information.

The Necessities and Protocols of Passports/Visas/Health Essentialities

Traveller/Client is accountable for fulfilment of the Passport, Visa and the Health necessities of respective nations that you travel or transit. The passport of Traveller/Client should be valid for at least 6 Months from the arrival date into the respective nation. It is also the mandatory requirement for Traveller/Client to look into the details of the HEALTH/VISA necessities from the consulates and/or visa authorities of the countries that are intended for the visit. Likewise, the Traveller/Client should also check with the Foreign Office Guidance. SkyBlueHolidays and neither of any associated suppliers should be held responsible shall not be held accountable by any means if Traveller/Client is stranded/deported in the nation due to misappropriation of the documents or information by the Immigration Office of the respective nation.

Information for General Purpose Understanding

A. suggest that Travellers/Clients who have planned for exotic holidays overseas should have in their possession a legit Travel Insurance, which has the coverage in case of vague circumstances like Holiday Cancellations, Occurrence of Health Problems and Baggage Loss.

B. Travellers/Clients as they disclose their Personal Information to either over the phone, or on the website shall tantamount that they have consented to gather, collate, store and even process the personal information by SkyBlueHolidays. 

C. There are certain nations which levy Stay-tax, Tourist-tax or Eco tax on Travellers/Clients AND SUCH TAXES SHOULD BE REMITTED DIRECTLY TO THE GOVERNMENT AND/OR THE AIRPORT FOR UNDERTAKING THE LOCAL SERVICES WITHIN THE NATION OF THE VISIT. Travellers/Clients shall become accountable for the payment of supernumerary taxes whatsoever.

D. The Holiday Booking may not include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner services in general. The inclusion of these services are not chargeable unless otherwise stated.

Noticeability of the Travel Services/Travel Arrangements

  • It is remindful here that the hotel operating in the same category and with same type of rating will not likely to offer Similar/Same types of services;
  • SkyBlueHolidays do not hold any accountability if any wrongful impression is created from the misinterpretation of Star Ratings
  • The Travel Services offered and the Bookings for the Holidays made through our website are subject to presence;
  • If you are booking the Holiday Package or Travel Service online, then a mutual contract between You and the Supplier shall become effective only when makes the confirmation that bookings have been activated by respective suppliers;
  • Should a part or full travel service or arrangement has not been used, then no refunds shall be processed by SkyBlueHolidays in any circumstance
  • You as the Traveller/Client hold the acceptance of accountability for plausible damages or potential losses caused by any individual or the group
  • All payments in lieu of these potential damages or harm should be made or settled with respective Hotel/Accommodation owner or the individual who manages the Holidays for that matter.