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Cala En Porter Holidays

Cala n Porter holidays take you to the south coast of Menorca to a purpose-built resort that offers great amenities. With a sandy, sheltered beach, it is a small tourist centre that offers peace and relaxation, ideal for families and couples of all ages. To be fair, the island itself exudes a laid back atmosphere and many resorts could be described thus.

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The added attraction of a cheap Cala n Porter holiday is its small size. Although small, it has a plentiful supply of shops and restaurants. Being close to the capital Mahon, if more are needed they are only a bus ride away. The markets in the town are worth a visit if you are looking for holiday gifts and souvenirs. What it doesn't have are night clubs as evenings are almost as relaxed as the days.

Hotels and apartments provide accommodation that caters for all budgets. Standards of comfort are high and you'll receive a warm and friendly service. Restaurants cater for all tastes. Fish is a prominent feature on menus and is great value. If fish doesn't appeal, don't worry as there is everything from fast foods to international cuisine. Wines are pleasantly tasty as well as being cheap.

So, if you are looking for a guarantee of sunshine in a pretty location with a good sandy beach, a Cala n Porter holiday may be the answer. There is one drawback that needs mentioning. Whilst you may enjoy the beautiful vistas from the hotel at the top of the cliff, it means that access to the beach below is via a steep winding road or rather a lot of stairs. There is a road train but if used daily it would not be a cheap option.



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