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Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka and is located on the west coast of the island. Its large natural harbour and its strategic position led to many invasions in the past. Its diverse architectural styles show evidence of Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations. Gaining independence in 1948, Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, attracts many visitors every year. Colombo holidays can be taken at any time as the hot temperature varies little. Be aware that precipitation is high with monsoon rains from May to August and from October to January. Holidays to Colombo and the surrounding area offer many sightseeing opportunities. There are great beaches to the north and south of the city with warm clear waters ideal for snorkelling and diving. The city has many waterways with canals and a very large lake, Lake Beira, at its centre. As well as being the venue for outdoor concerts, large regattas are held there.

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Holidays in Colombo offer great accommodation with excellent service. The variety of restaurants cater for even the most pernickety of palates and shopping is good with malls and markets. The Pettah market is great for buying your gifts and souvenirs. We have a selection of cheap Colombo holidays which can combine city and beach. For more information on our low cost Colombo holidays, search now.

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