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Canaries Holidays - Low Deposits from £49

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Month All Inclusive Bed & Breakfast Full Board Half Board Room Only Self Catering
May 18£177£141£828£164£133£94
Jun 18£167£147£832£151£138£101
Jul 18£224£163£878£164£167£144
Aug 18£231£177-£181£196£160
Sep 18£245£196-£187£187£161
Oct 18£240£178-£169-£148
Nov 18£220£278-£187-£148
Dec 18£205£386-£185-£135
Jan 19£211£376-£189-£133
Feb 19£206£411-£191-£128
Mar 19£218£487-£187-£148
Apr 19£302£460-£367-£216
May 19£552£621-£521-£438
Jun 19£570£634-£529-£451
Jul 19£593£642-£586-£470
Aug 19£658£791-£662-£614
Sep 19£614£688-£573-£540
Oct 19 £611 £692 - £563 - £517
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Canaries Holidays - Low Deposits from £49

Canary Island holidays take you to a Spanish archipelago which lies off the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. These volcanic islands offer amazing scenery with volcanic peaks, national parks, towering cliffs and grey beaches. There are six main islands and each have their own strengths and charm. Gran Canaria has an amazingly diverse landscape and all within a fairly small area. You'll find volcanic mountains, barren plains and fertile plantations, rocky coves and sandy beaches. Lanzarote contains the lunar-like landscape of Timanfaya National Park as well as great sandy beaches. In fact all of the islands have uniquely dramatic landscapes. All of the islands offer high standards of accommodation, good restaurants and nightlife, and excellent shopping facilities. Each provide many opportunities for sightseeing and the islands offer a host of tourist attractions catering for all age groups. If you are seeking a location where there are no great extremes of temperature, but where summer sunshine is guaranteed, check our search facility and you'll be pleased to find a number of cheap Canary Island holidays.

Plenty of fun in the sun!

With average temperatures of twenty during the winter months and thirty during the summer season, your cheap Canary Island holiday can be taken at any time of year. Positioned in the Atlantic Ocean, there is invariably a breeze which tempers the heat at the height of the season.

Getting to the Canaries is straightforward as there are regular flights from many regional airports. It is not an arduous journey as the flight time is only a little over four hours depending on your point of departure in the UK, and being small islands, transfers are short.

What’s on offer in the Canaries?

Whether you wish to relax or take an active break, there will be a cheap Canary holiday to satisfy your needs. Sporting activities include golf and tennis, hiking and horseback riding, and of course many water sports. There are coastlines offering shallow calm waters for family sports such as banana boating, and others where the Atlantic swell gives great surfing, sailing and water skiing conditions. While in the Canaries you can cruise around the islands and do a bit of dolphin or whale spotting, or try a spot of big game fishing. Tourist attractions are many and cater for a variety of interests. They include water parks and bird sanctuaries, amusement parks and zoos, caves and volcanic landscapes. Canary Island holidays really do have something for everyone from older couples to young families and groups of young friends. Whoever you are, you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome, high standards of accommodation, tasty food, good shopping and nightlife to suit your mood.

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Canaries Holidays - Low Deposits from £49