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Holidays to Dubai

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Month All Inclusive Bed & Breakfast Full Board Half Board Room Only Self Catering
May 18£463£314£420£348£300-
Jun 18£463£314£420£348£300-
Jul 18£474£331£431£365£319-
Aug 18£500£354-£393£338-
Sep 18£465£317-£358£303-
Oct 18£505£328-£379£345-
Nov 18£624£385-£467£343-
Dec 18£652£383-£536£340-
Jan 19£646£392-£533£353-
Feb 19£680£412-£533£377-
Mar 19£680£460-£533£500-
Apr 19 £736 £521 - £559 - -
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Holidays to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the Emirates and it is easy to see why. Having year-round sunshine and virtually no precipitation, the United Arab Emirates was ripe for tourist developments. With beaches gently lapped by warm clear waters as far as the eye can see, this once traditional town where locals led simple lives earning a living from the sea or by trading goods, has, with the benefits of oil, become a centre of opulence and indulgence.

Touch of class in Dubai

It is a place where five star hotels are the norm, and where they really know the meaning of five star. They are simply the best in the world. If you are looking for sun, sea and luxury, you have chosen the right place. And it doesn't all come with a whopping price tag, as cheap Dubai holidays do exist. Our search facility at the top of the page will lead you to the Dubai holiday that gives you the best value for money. The Dubai Creek divides the city with the original old town centre lying to the north in the Deira district.



Shop till you drop

Here you'll find the souk, the covered market where you can enjoy haggling over the price of your holiday souvenirs. Dubai is a tax free haven so there are bargains to be found in the malls and boutiques. Revenues from oil can purchase anything so, in the Emirates, you can have brilliantly green golf courses slap in the middle of the desert and build artificial islands in the sea. The world's only seven star hotel is here and while its tariffs may stretch your budget to breaking point, it costs nothing to look. The architecture is truly fantastic and the level of luxury knows no bounds.

Although the Emirates is a muslim country, alcohol is freely available in hotels and in nightclubs. The cuisine in Dubai is international and caters for all tastes. Remember to eat in hotels if you wish to accompany your meal with wine or beer.

Cheap Dubai holidays offer a variety of tourist attractions. If you are a lover of gold, the Gold Souk is a must as the gold there is the cheapest in the world and the choice of jewellery is vast. With theme parks and water parks, as well as stunning beaches and water sports, it is easy to keep the children entertained.

If you are tempted by all that Dubai has to offer, check the search facility at the top of the page where bargain holidays are to be found.



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Holidays to Dubai