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Holidays to Cyprus - Low Deposits from £49

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Month All Inclusive Bed & Breakfast Full Board Half Board Room Only Self Catering
Mar 18£270£189£560£220£313£170
Apr 18£205£128£202£136£126£115
May 18£256£153£257£156£178£134
Jun 18£263£175£322£201-£150
Jul 18£309£201£387£238-£176
Aug 18£337£230£544£284-£205
Sep 18£290£184-£210-£165
Oct 18£265£154-£183-£145
Nov 18£211--£333-£365
Dec 18£210-----
Jan 19£213--£331--
Feb 19£331--£313--
Apr 19£953£807-£842-£741
May 19£1079£969-£983-£855
Jun 19£1127£1004-£1058-£885
Jul 19£1176£1007-£1118-£999
Aug 19£1200£1008-£1133-£1001
Sep 19£1143£998-£1089-£858
Oct 19 £1086 £960 - £1002 - £855
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Holidays to Cyprus - Low Deposits from £49

Cyprus holidays transport you to an island of sun in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Though still a divided island, the days of animosity are over and it is now easy to explore the whole of the island, the Turkish territory as well as the Greek. The tourist developments are, for the most part, in the southern two thirds of the island which is owned by Greece. With ancient ruins and castles; historic towns with architectural gems; wonderful scenery with rugged mountains, rocky coves and sandy beaches; a host of recreational activities and tourist attractions; our cheap Cyprus holidays have wide appeal. Whether you are looking for an isolated retreat where you can recharge your batteries, a golfing break, a sporting extravaganza or a sandy beach for young children, Cyprus holidays will fit the bill.

Hot days and Warm nights in Cyprus.

Cyprus boasts the warmest year round climate in the Mediterranean and has a long summer season, beginning in April and ending in November. Temperatures rise into the low thirties at the height of the season and the water temperature is a comfortable twenty degrees centigrade. Although there may be snow on the mountains in winter, the coastal areas remain pleasantly mild. Cyprus holidays can therefore be enjoyed at any time of year.

Flying to Cyprus.

During the summer season there are many charter flights and low cost airlines flying from regional airports so travel to Cyprus is fairly straightforward. Flight time is roughly four hours thirty minutes and transfers are short.

Cyprus is a charming island with a warm and welcoming population. There are many purpose-built resorts which cater for all your needs from personal comfort to activities and entertainment. These often have an all-inclusive option which can offer good value, especially when travelling with ever hungry and thirsty families. Cyprus holidays can take you to relaxed resorts offering a perfect hideaway, or lively resorts where you can party through the night. The island offers great opportunities for shopping and its cuisine is truly international. So why wait. Begin your search today and you could soon be basking in the warmth of this beautiful country.

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Holidays to Cyprus - Low Deposits from £49