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Holidays to Spain - Low Deposits from £49

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Month All Inclusive Bed & Breakfast Full Board Half Board Room Only Self Catering
May 18£130£107£176£100£94£101
Jun 18£141£114£176£124£144£103
Jul 18£207£148£225£173£202£114
Aug 18£211£156£463£164£290£146
Sep 18£133£139£455£109-£101
Oct 18£125£116£483£101-£99
Nov 18£138--£118-£101
Dec 18£140--£126-£100
Jan 19£175£1140-£106-£100
Feb 19£171£1352-£105-£100
Mar 19£174£927-£128-£100
Apr 19£598--£488-£435
May 19£420£311-£403-£327
Jun 19£496£375-£493-£390
Jul 19£580£515-£491-£482
Aug 19£627£453-£525-£475
Sep 19£460£281-£443-£295
Oct 19 £471 - - £459 - £418
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Holidays to Spain - Low Deposits from £49

With a quarter of Spain’s main tourists being British, there’s no denying that the Brits love a bit of Spanish sun! However, it’s not just the warmth of the Spanish summer that causes holidaymakers to flock to the country year in and year out, but the warmth of the Spaniards themselves, whose friendly spirit ensures that sixteen millions Brits choose Spain as their summer holiday each year. Now, since they can’t all be wrong, why not take a browse through our cheap deals to Spain and see exactly what you could be enjoying this summer!

Cheap holidays to Spain

Whatever your penchant, our range of low cost Spain holidays will satisfy not only your desires, but also your purse. Leave the cold British weather behind and take a trip to Spain, which boasts a typically warm Mediterranean climate. In Spain, the sun will always shine for you. July is a particularly popular month for holidays, where temperatures can reach a scorching 33 degrees. However, to get the cheapest possible holiday to Spain, the months outside of the peak period are the ones to look at. It is also at this time when the drinks are much cheaper… So what are you waiting for? Have a look through our low cost holidays to Spain and book a holiday you certainly won’t regret!

What does Spain have to offer?

Spain has everything from splendid sun to spectacular sights. If you’re interested in checking out some fun festivals then a holiday to Madrid may be just perfect for you. From the 12th until the 21st May each year, the Fiesta de San Isidro takes place, with exciting celebrations, parades and parties, diverse dances and the internationally recognised tradition of Spain, bull fighting. Each year, this festival proves to be a big attraction for locals and tourists alike. Without a doubt, it is absolutely worth a visit if you decide to take a cheap Spain holiday in May. Joining in the festivals in Spain is a great way to embrace the cultural traditions and thrilling customs of the country.

After a more quiet holiday?

Spain can be a very lively and bustling country. If you imagine Spain, you may picture vivacious flamingo dancers and hear the shake of castanets, yet this country can also offer a holiday experience that is extremely serene and calm. If you’re after a wonderfully relaxed and tranquil holiday with your family or friends then you really are spoilt for choice. Take yourself to Andalucía, where the charming beach resorts and charismatic whitewashed villages will make you feel like you’re in a dream. Or if you’re seeking to catch constant rays of sunshine, the Balearic Islands, which are east of mainland Spain, are a well-known favourite amongst holidaymakers. It is here where the long stretches of golden sand against a backdrop of stunning scenery, ensures that Spain won’t be holiday you’ll forget in a hurry. The list of fabulous places you can go in Spain is definitely endless. However, if you’re off on a family holiday, head to the Canary Islands and experience the peacefulness of the white sandy beaches whilst your children explore in the nearby enchanting coves.

If you're seeking a holiday experience that you will forever want to repeat over and over, then be prepared, because Spain will certainly take you by storm! Search now to find our bargain Spain holidays.

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Holidays to Spain - Low Deposits from £49

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