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Balearics Holidays

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Month All Inclusive Bed & Breakfast Full Board Half Board Room Only Self Catering
May 18£145£110-£157£132£120
Jun 18£141£120-£127£144£129
Jul 18£252£178-£175£245£205
Aug 18£238£232-£180£308£201
Sep 18£168£158-£159-£125
Oct 18£152£136-£143-£100
Nov 18£186--£148-£114
Dec 18£188--£160-£151
Jan 19£183--£106-£148
Feb 19£177--£105-£110
Mar 19£196--£129-£109
Apr 19£598--£488-£435
May 19£420£311-£403-£327
Jun 19£496£375-£493-£390
Jul 19£580£515-£491-£482
Aug 19£627£453-£525-£475
Sep 19£460£281-£443-£295
Oct 19 £471 - - £459 - £418
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Balearics Holidays

The Balearic Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea which is extremely popular with British tourists who come in their hundreds of thousands every year. The main islands are Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and each has its own charm and attraction. Our range of cheap Balearic holidays are an attraction in themselves and, as you'll find when using our search facility, the islands have destinations to suit all age groups and all interests. Couples both old and young, families with small children, young friends having their first holiday without parents, and eighteen to thirty groups can all find a cheap Balearics holiday that satisfies their needs. Whether you wish to build sand castles and paddle with toddlers followed by family meals; relax in the sun by day and party through the night; take a more strenuous break with sporting activities; go walking or sightseeing; have romantic evenings in candlelit venues; the Balearics have resorts to fullfil your wishes. With a choice of accommodation ranging from all-inclusive to room only, our cheap Balearic holidays cater for all budgets.

Fun in the sun on holidays to the Balearic Islands.

A Balearics holiday's first and formost attraction is the guarantee of summer sun, with a season lasting from April to October, and temperatures close to thirty. With an average of eleven hours sunshine during the summer months, it is no surprise that large numbers of visitors flock to the Balearics and that many return year after year.

A further reason for choosing a Balearics holiday is the ease of travel. The attraction of low cost airlines departing from many regional airports, and a short flight time, followed by a brief transfer to accommodation, adds to the islands' popularity.

Majorca is the largest island and has a fairly lively reputation; Menorca is smaller and generally more relaxed; Ibiza, smaller again, has a well-deserved party reputation; Formentera is peaceful and renowned for its wonderful sandy beaches. Only you know the ingredients needed for a successful holiday so choose your island with care. All have an abundance of tourist attractions, all are beautiful, and all are very welcoming and offer good food and shopping. Our user-friendly search facility will help you to find a cheap Balearics holiday that best suits your needs.


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Balearics Holidays