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Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Jun 2024 - - - - - -
Jul 2024 - - - - - -
Aug 2024 - - - - - -
Sep 2024 - - - - - -
Oct 2024 - - - - - -
Nov 2024 £1087 £990 - £1144 £1433 £722
Dec 2024 £1087 £965 - £1118 £796 £722
Jan 2025 £1284 £1654 - £1757 £986 £928
Feb 2025 £1284 £1673 - £1776 £1006 £950
Mar 2025 £1400 £1284 - £1432 £1015 £959
Apr 2025 £1671 £1474 - £1622 £1286 £1231
May 2025 - - - - - -
Jun 2025 - - - - - -
Jul 2025 - - - - - -
Aug 2025 - - - - - -
Sep 2025 - - - - - -

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Barbados Holidays

Book a Barbados holiday and you'll be whisked away to the most easterly island in the Caribbean. Part of the Lesser Antilles, and measuring only twenty-one miles by fourteen miles, Barbados boasts some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Think 'castaway', think Swiss family Robinson', and you'll begin to get the idea of the calibre of the western beaches.

Gently caressed by the Caribbean Sea they contrast sharply with those on the eastern side that are bombarded by the mighty Atlantic. This side of Barbados attracts surfers looking for an adrenalin rush as they ride the rollers. The east however is where the majority of visitors go. This rather small, flat coral island is home to many luxury hotels and superb restaurants. Whatever you choose, be it a small hotel or an all-inclusive complex, you'll find that standards are high and service is excellent. Where ever you go, you can be assured of a warm, friendly welcome.

Home from home or maybe not.

You'll feel quite at home as you look around at the place names, until of course you look at the tropical beaches and the brilliant blue of the seas. With the water temperature almost the same as the air temperature, bathing is an absolute pleasure. No sharp intake of breath as you enter this sea.

Cheap Barbados holidays are most popular between the months of October and July, thus avoiding the worst of the rain and, more importantly, the hurricanes. They appeal to anyone seeking great beaches and guaranteed sunshine, no matter what their age. Even though the island is small, visitors can enjoy numerous recreational activities. Shopping is great and nightlife can be found that suits any mood.

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