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Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Jun 2024 £1129 £1333 - £2034 £885 £776
Jul 2024 £897 £972 - £1801 £721 £670
Aug 2024 £1058 £1125 - £1825 £840 £762
Sep 2024 £928 £985 - £1441 £778 £727
Oct 2024 £1326 £1433 - - £1129 £1072
Nov 2024 £990 £1100 - £1983 £800 £742
Dec 2024 £1040 £1214 - - £844 £783
Jan 2025 £1180 £1298 - - £949 £871
Feb 2025 £1455 £1474 - - £976 £901
Mar 2025 £1303 £1388 - - £1034 £959
Apr 2025 £1313 £1414 - - £1116 £1041
May 2025 £1277 £1218 - - £941 £866
Jun 2025 £1302 £1203 - - £926 £851
Jul 2025 - - - - - -
Aug 2025 - - - - - -
Sep 2025 - - - - - -

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Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica is a fairly small Caribbean island with lots of character, great food and rousing music. Its culture is an amalgam of influences from South America, from Spain, from Britain, and from Africans brought as slaves to the island. Jamaica holidays take you to a beautiful island with a stunning landscape. Mountains give way to rainforest, rivers, lakes and fertile plains, and its beaches are almost beyond compare. With the softest of white sands, framed by palms and bathed by warm, clear waters, Jamaica holidays do indeed lead you to a seaside paradise.

Cheap holidays to Jamaica.

Water sports abound and the waters teem with marine life of every size, shape and colour. Divers flock to the island, not only for sea life but to explore the historic wrecks that can be found off the Jamaican coast. Jamaica holidays offer many attractions including great golf courses, a theme park, adventure safaris and rafting expeditions. For an exhilarating experience (only if you like horses), why not go for a gallop along the edge of the soft sand, splashing in the Caribbean waters. You'll feel you're on a film set. There are also opportunities for swimming with dolphins or going deep sea fishing or whale watching. You may think that this exotic destination would cost an arm and a leg, but there are cheap Jamaica holidays to be had.

Accommodation is first class and although the prevailing island atmosphere is relaxed and laid back, service remains good. Jamaican cuisine combines tastes from many cultures and is deliciously spicy. Restaurants and hotels serve a wide range of international dishes which cater for all tastes. With shops and markets, shoppers have a great choice of goods. Nightlife is generally exuberant but there are also many venues where you can have a romantic evening for two.

When is it best to travel to Jamaica.

With year round sunshine cheap Jamaica holidays can be enjoyed in all seasons. Having said that, remember the hurricane season which lasts through August and September. As with most places on earth, there can be dangers. It is best not to take yourself off into the interior by yourself, but rather go on organised expeditions. Be advised by your holiday rep and hotel personnel.

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