Geneva Breaks

Geneva Breaks

Geneva City Breaks take you to Switzerland's most international city with almost half of its residents being non-Swiss. Second only to Zurich in size, this French speaking city has a long and interesting history, evidence of which is found in its architecture and monuments. Located on the banks of Lake Geneva by the mouth of the Rhone, and framed by mountains, it is a city of great natural beauty. With low-cost airlines from regional airports and the high speed train link from Paris, Geneva City Breaks are easily accessible.

The waters from the great lake have a tempering effect on the weather so it rarely becomes too hot in summer and in winter the mercury rarely drops below freezing. The months from April to October are most popular with visitors when the many parks are at their best and the lake offers a variety of recreational activities. The town has a romantic ambience so it is no surprise that our cheap Geneva City Breaks are snapped up by couples of all ages.

Swiss Charm at its best in Geneva

Geneva's old town is a delightful warren of narrow cobbled streets overflowing with cafes and bistros, tourist shops and market stalls. Shopping in Geneva”s boutiques is certainly not the cheapest in the world, but it costs nothing to window shop and bargains can be found in the markets. Geneva's restaurants serve dishes from every corner of the globe and therefore cater for even the most fussy of palates. The cost of a meal can vary considerably so be sure to find a venue that accommodates your taste buds as well as your wallet. Nightlife in the city is so varied that it satisfies all moods from the romantic to party. There are many music bars and very trendy nightclubs. To make the most of your visit, take an organised walking tour of the city. A less energetic way of seeing the best historic sites is to take the mini-train. Another mini-train will take you on a tour of the parks and the waterfront. Make the effort of reaching the Treille Promenade where you'll find the only remaining defensive town wall, and enjoy the magnificent views over the city and the lake.

Our Geneva City breaks offer great value accommodation with tariffs to suit most budgets. Similarly the restaurants cater for all tastes as well as all pockets. Use our search facility to find the Geneva City break that best suits your financial circumstances, and in order to avoid disappointment, book today.