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Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Jun 2024 - £257 - - £173 £155
Jul 2024 - £167 - - £96 £72
Aug 2024 - - - - £136 £125
Sep 2024 - - - - £95 £93
Oct 2024 - - - - £149 £121
Nov 2024 - - - - - -
Dec 2024 - - - - - -
Jan 2025 - - - - - -
Feb 2025 - - - - - -
Mar 2025 - - - - - -
Apr 2025 - - - - - -
May 2025 - - - - - -
Jun 2025 - - - - - -
Jul 2025 - - - - - -
Aug 2025 - - - - - -
Sep 2025 - - - - - -

Rome Summary

Rome Holidays

A capital city that you certainly don’t want to miss…Rome! This European gem is definitely a destination you won’t forget in a hurry. From marvelling at its ancient past, which is apparent in every nook and cranny of the city to indulging oneself in the high-class fashion boutiques, Rome is never cited as a boring place!


The best time to visit.

The beauty of Rome is that it can be visited throughout the entire year, meaning you could book a cheap holiday with us to Rome for a special Christmas break if you’d like. However, Easter through to October are the seasons which attract the majority of tourists. During summer, temperatures can soar up into the early thirties, allowing you to sit in one of the many stylish cafes and enjoy a sip of cool wine whilst appreciating the surroundings. Does this sound tempting yet?


What is special about Rome?

There must be a certain unique allure that Rome possesses for it regularly tops the list of the places to visit. Perhaps it is the endless things to see and do that attracts people to this captivating city. If you’re a bit of a history enthusiast, Rome can fully satisfy your craving to learn about the ancient past. You can visit the recently restored abode of the first Emperor of the Roman Empire, Augustus, who dates back to 30BC. And transport yourself back in time with a visit to the Colosseum, an incredible amphitheatre built by Jewish slaves back in 70AD. It is here where hundreds of thousands of races, gladiator fights to the death and the bloody slaughter of animals occurred. The Colosseum is one of Rome’s most popular sights and with its deeply enriching historic past, is it easy to see why.

If your historic appetite is still not satisfied, a trip to Vatican City will surely blow your mind. It is here where you can revel in the splendour of St Peter’s square and appreciate the glorious backdrop of the world-renowned church, the Basilica. In Roman Catholic tradition, the Basilica is heralded as the burial site of St Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, therefore it is regarded as a holy place in Catholicism. It only takes a brief walk around the church to soak in the incredibly peaceful and sacred atmosphere.

It is obvious that Rome is an absolute haven for sightseers and a trip to Rome would not be complete without a visit to the Sistine chapel, which never disappoints. With its famous Renaissance architecture and decoration including work by Michelangelo, this beautiful chapel is a must see.


Rome is not just steeped in history, but romance too…

Paris is often cited as the romantic heart of Europe, but Rome is also a city of love. After a moonlit trip to the Trevi fountain and a calm wander through the gardens of Pincio, your heart will be skipping a beat.


Don’t leave it too long!

Take a look at our cheap offers to Rome now and you could be visiting not just one of the finest city’s in Europe but the world. A trip here will enthral you, so book now!

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