Holidays for this Autumn

Autumn Holiday Deals

Destination Sep
Balearic Islands £188 £137 £157
Cape Verde £811 £851 -
Caribbean £861 £1020 £735
Cyprus £229 £213 £182
Egypt £307 £339 £201
Malta £192 £292 £244
Mexico £822 £951 £665
Portugal £182 £140 £104
Spain £140 £137 £131
Turkey £177 £185 £126
Holidays for this Autumn

As the August holidays draw to a close, for anyone that didn’t manage to get a break in the summer or for anyone that simply just needs another, autumn is a great time to pack your bags. Throughout Europe, sunny short haul holiday possibilities are ubiquitous, particularly in areas towards the Mediterranean. Cyprus is an autumn favourite for those seeking the sun, as its southerly position results in temperatures averaging around the 30C levels, with the warm season lasting longer than average. 

Other top European destinations include the Canary Islands, with the strong winds common to Lanzarote dropping along with the crowds of tourists at this time of year, creating splendid conditions for those that enjoy the outdoor trekking across its famous Volcanic mountains.   

If it’s a long-haul holiday you’re after, head east to Egypt where the sun is shining persistently.  But have no fear, the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic ocean offers the perfect way to cool off, with an abundance of diving and snorkelling activities available for all levels.  Along with Egypt, the island of Cape Verde has in recent years unsurprisingly become another popular long-haul destination, with its white sandy beaches and hot West African climate, Cape Verde has everything a good beach holiday could ask for.